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I'm still raving over the first episode of "Flash Forward" first broadcast September 24th 2009. The action got me totally hooked during the first few minutes and I can't wait until the next episode. It was an all-action episode led by a very strong cast.

Wow! The Brits really are taking over the TV world! Of the main cast, Joseph Fiennes as FBI agent Mark Benford is a Brit, as is his on-screen wife played by Sonya Walger ('Penny' from "Lost") and although he has yet to appear, Dominic Monaghan, 'Charlie', also from "Lost" will be playing 'Simon', a main character soon and he is also, of course from the other side of the Atlantic. But the British domination of the show doesn't stop there as the first episode also introduced us to 'Lloyd Simcoe' played by the well known British actor Jack Davenport, and we also saw briefly the character 'Fiona Banks' played by "E.R." actress Alex Kingston, yet another Brit.

Co-incidentally, Davenport was one of the stars of the hugely-successful British comedy "Coupling" while Sonya Walger starred in the seriously unfunny American re-make of the same show.

Speaking of the "Lost" connection, "Flash Forward' is being touted as the successor to "Lost" and the makers hope it will build up the same fanatical following of that excellent series. Early on in the action of the first episode of "Flash Forward", my sharp-eyed wife spotted a billboard in the background advertising "Oceanic Airlines". A nice touch!


Back to the action and "Flash Forward" centers around a mysterious world-wide event when every human being on Earth (well all except one) loses consciousness for exactly two minutes, seventeen seconds. This causes chaos as planes fall out of the sky, cars smash into each other, patients undergoing operations die as no doctor is awake to care for them, and as everybody awakes the world has been plunged into chaos.

While people are blacked out they have hallucinations, or dreams, and gradually, as they compare their experiences it becomes clear that the action they all experienced took place on exactly the same date, April 29th 2010. The main character, FBI agent Mark Benford experiences himself  working on trying to explain what had happened six months earlier to everybody, while his wife finds herself with another man, another agent recalls being in London talking to a Scotland Yard detective, who then confirms that the same incident, a bird crashing into the window, had happened in HER flash-forward. But another of the main characters didn't experience anything while he was blacked out. Does this mean that before April 29th 2010 he'll be dead?

Towards the end of the intriguing first episode, while reviewing video of the event happening simultaneously across the world, an FBI agent spots one man who is NOT asleep, but is walking around the rim of a baseball stadium. Now the hunt is on to find him and see what he knows.

This was an excellent first episode, gripping and nail-biting. I hope the cast and producers can keep up this pace.

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